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Our Story

Falcor was founded in 1995 by Jim Peterson and is co-owned today by Jim and his wife, Laurie Rich.  For the first few years, Falcor limited its production to an exceptional Chardonnay that served as its calling card to the wine industry. Then, perhaps surprising to some, the 1999 Napa Valley Chardonnay became one of the nation’s top scoring Chardonnays, scoring 93 Points in the Wine Spectator. Falcor was officially on the map.  Focusing on high quality, small lot productions, we currently produce around 15 diverse, internationally award-winning varietals.

We hand-produce our wines to be well-balanced and multi-dimensional. Falcor wines are very drinkable upon release and, if aged properly, will retain this balance while adding additional taste complexities. Our extensive experience, knowledge and long-term relationships with local growers have enabled Falcor to source some of the finest and most prized fruit from prime Napa and surrounding vineyards for our limited-production wines.